Justin Catanoso

Justin Catanoso is senior lecturer and director of journalism at Wake Forest University. He has also had a 30-year career as a professional journalist at newspapers in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and North Carolina. He was founding executive editor of The Business Journal in the Triad, which started publishing in 1998. There, he helped lead a newsroom in its coverage of business and economic  trends across the region. Previously, Justin spent 11 years as a reporter with the News & Record of Greensboro. There he received a Pulitzer Prize nomination in 1992 for his investigative reporting into fraud in the tobacco industry. That project was awarded the Science in Society Award by the National Association of Science Writers. He won numerous state and national writing honors while at the News & Record and The Business Journal.

In 2008, HarperCollins published his first book, a family memoir titled My Cousin the Saint, A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles. Harper Perennial published it in paperback in 2009. My Cousin the Saint was a Book of the Month Club selection and a summer reading pick by the Order Sons of Italy in America. Justin's writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BusinessWeek, US Airways and Delta inflight magazines, Catholic Digest,  and on National Public Radio.

Justin  is married to singer-songwriter Laurelyn Dossett. They live in Greensboro and have three daughters.


10:17 am
Fri April 24, 2015

UNCG House To Be Home For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

ThinkHouseU will begin in August. A house in the Glenwood neighborhood near the UNCG campus will be renovated for students. Applications are being sought now from all the colleges and universities in Greensboro.
Credit Pic: Courtesy of Forward Impact

A new program in Greensboro is aimed at keeping young people in the area and promoting entrepreneurship. 

UNCG will serve as a national pilot for ThinkHouseU. A house in the Glenwood neighborhood near campus will be renovated to create a common space for students beginning in the fall semester.

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8:30 pm
Thu April 16, 2015

HondaJet Promises Growth For Emerging Aviation Industry

Honda Aircraft Co. will deliver its first HondaJet, a revolutionary new corporate jet, built in a sleek state-of-the art manufacturing plant at the Piedmont International Airport sometime this year.
Credit Photo courtesy of Honda Aircraft

Charlotte has banking. Raleigh has state government, but for generations, the Triad has distinguished itself as the place where people make things. Honda Aircraft Company will deliver its long awaited corporate jet to its first client this year. And in doing so, it signifies a new emerging industry in the Triad.

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11:14 am
Fri April 10, 2015

New Leader With Deep Roots Helping Shape Future For High Point Bank

Matt McInnis is chief strategy officer at High Point Bank, the bank his father and great-grandfather previously led as president.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

A community bank in High Point is expanding under a new leader with local ties. For generations, Matt McInnis’s family has played a major role in the development of High Point Bank. The Columbia Business School graduate recently returned from New York to the Triad to help plot its future.  This comes at a time when community banks are facing new and mounting pressures, and mergers and acquisitions are picking up.

Owen Covington, a reporter with the Triad Business Journal, writes about McInnis’s strategy to grow the bank beyond his hometown.

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8:17 pm
Thu March 26, 2015

Trouble In Paradise–Too Much Plastic In Our Oceans

This photo was taken this month on the beach of Long Caye, an island 47 miles off the coast of Belize. Each day, those who live there find new plastic bottles and other items that pollute their beaches.
Credit Justin Catanoso

A remote tropical island in the Caribbean and the Yadkin River may seem like worlds apart. But in his column this week in the Triad Business Journal, WFDD contributor Justin Catanoso writes that those watery entities are connected in ways we hardly realize.

“If you think about the pollution in our oceans, the problem actually starts in places like Winston-Salem,” says Catanoso. “So look at it this way–the Yadkin River is a huge pump and whatever gets pumped into it gets pumped down river and eventually flows into the oceans and gets circulated around the world.”

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5:41 pm
Thu March 19, 2015

Homegrown Liquor Could Get Boost From Proposed Law

Scot Sanburn, owner of Sutler's Spirits Co. in Winston-Salem, monitors the temperature of his brew. It will take 18 months — at least — for those barrels and that rum to bond and age into something Sanborn can proudly put on the shelves North Carolina’s ABC stores.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

Liquor ages slowly but the craft distilling industry is growing quickly. Just like the wine and then craft beer industries before it, distilling is preparing to boom in North Carolina.

And if a proposed bill passes, it would help these business owners sell their products directly to customers. Right now, state law prohibits that and customers have to buy the spirits from a neighborhood ABC store or bar.

Owen Covington, a reporter with the Triad Business Journal, has been following this story. He says the law could really promote the growth of the industry in the Piedmont.

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9:41 am
Fri March 6, 2015

Greensboro Urban Loop To Spur Development, Ease Congestion

Construction of the urban loop on the eastern side of Greensboro is taking place. Crews build forms in preparation to pour concrete for a reinforced bridge pier.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

The Triad is awash in large-scale construction projects right now. As one of the oldest projects nears completion, the implications for future growth are beginning to emerge.

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9:07 am
Mon March 2, 2015

Company’s Quest For Nicotine-Based Brain Treatment Proves Elusive

Stephen Hill is CEO of Targacept in Winston-Salem, a pharmaceutical company that has seen its fortunes rise and fall.
Credit Julie Knight, Triad Business Journal

When the Winston-Salem drug company Targacept spun out of research done at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company in 2000, it did so with the promise of revolutionizing the global treatment of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The scientists at Targacept were hired first by R.J. Reynolds to devise a safer cigarette. But through their accumulated knowledge of nicotine, they came to see the addictive drug as less harmful and more hopeful – especially if you could extract the drug from all the smoke and toxins in burning tobacco.

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7:33 pm
Thu February 12, 2015

Whitaker Park Revenues May Fund Economic Development

Bob Leak, president of Winston-Salem Business Inc., stands near the Whitaker Park site. On Jan. 7, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco said that it would donate nearly 1.8 million square feet and 120 acres of its Whitaker Park campus in Winston-Salem for economic development.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

Economic development officials in Winston-Salem hope that a former Reynolds manufacturing site will bring more jobs to the area.

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7:00 pm
Thu February 5, 2015

North State Aviation Adds To Already Robust Aerospace Sector

Credit Flickr Creative Commons Jen Light

Start-up businesses can be a risky proposition, especially in the costly, unpredictable world of aircraft maintenance. Triad Business Journal reporter Katie Arcieri has followed the birth and flourishing of one such start up – North State Aviation at the Piedmont Triad International Airport. She speaks with Justin Catanoso for this week's Business Report. 

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7:55 pm
Thu January 29, 2015

Weekly Business Round-Up: Alcohol Edition

Credit Flickr Creative Commons uncalno

New breweries and distilleries are opening and established ones are expanding in the Triad. Plus, the mystery surrounding thousands of dollars worth of rare, stolen wine found in the Greensboro area. Justin Catanoso and the Triad Business Journal's Owen Covington discuss spirits in this week's Business Report. 

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5:53 pm
Thu January 22, 2015

Paying Doctors For Value, Not Volume: Cornerstone Health Care Changes Its Business Model

Grace Terrell, president and CEO of Cornerstone Health Care in High Point, leads a discussion about the system's new business model.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

Three years ago, Cornerstone Health Care in High Point laid out a plan to change how it cares for patients, and perhaps just as importantly, how it gets paid to deliver that care.

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10:13 am
Fri January 16, 2015

Drop In Transportation Revenues Leads North Carolina To Look At Other Options

State officials are looking at several options to raise funds for transportation projects, including a VMT (vehicle miles traveled). Drivers sign up for the program and are assessed by the number of miles they drive each year. Oregon will be the first in the nation to implement such a road-usage charge program.
Credit Mark Clifton via flickr

In this week’s Business Report with Justin Catanoso: North Carolina has long been recognized as having one of the best highway and roads systems in the country. But trusted revenue streams are in decline and so are the state's roads.

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7:40 pm
Thu January 8, 2015

Reynolds, Lorillard Merger Among "10 To Watch" Stories In 2015

The Triad Business Journal says one of the top stories it will continue to follow this year is the $27.4 billion merger between Reynolds American and its long time Greensboro rival Lorillard . The "10 to Watch" article in the newspaper also takes a closer look at one of the major leaders behind the deal: Susan Cameron, the CEO of Reynolds American.
Credit WFDD photo by Celia Spell

Each year, the Triad Business Journal names an eclectic mix of business people from the region who the staff believes will have a real impact on the year to come.  Editor Mark Sutter joins Justin Catanoso to discuss the newspaper’s 2015 “10 to Watch”.

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Health & Safety
8:02 pm
Thu November 13, 2014

Next Affordable Health Care Enrollment Period Begins

HealthCare.gov, the federally run insurance marketplace, opened for window shopping Sunday night in advance of the start of enrollment on Nov. 15.
Credit Owen Covington/The Triad Business Journal

While the long-term shape and viability of the Affordable Care Act may well lie with a Republican-controlled Congress and the Supreme Court, the short-term reality is that the second, nationwide enrollment period starts this weekend.

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7:30 am
Fri November 7, 2014

Manufacturing Slowly Making A Comeback In The Triad

The United Furniture Industries manufacturing and distribution facility in Winston-Salem. The company plans to add 200 jobs.
Credit Triad Business Journal/Julie Knight

Manufacturing – that broad industry sector that was once the pillar of the Triad economy – is slowly making a comeback. The jobs are different, and they aren’t as plentiful. But more companies are finding reasons to make things in this region and not overseas.  

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8:00 am
Fri October 31, 2014

How Good A Deal Is Health Care In The Triad?

Industry experts say the cost of health care in the Triad tends to be relatively lower than Raleigh or Charlotte or the coast.
Credit photo by: 401(K) 2012 (via flickr)

Trying to fathom the costs to patients when it comes to health can feel like a losing battle. There is no upfront pricing. Charges vary with who is paying. And transparency is virtually nonexistent.

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7:30 am
Fri October 24, 2014

Solar Energy Use In North Carolina Continues To Grow

Several years ago, Guilford College partnered with a company called FLS Energy in Asheville to install more than 200 solar panels, which provide hot water on campus.
Credit Julie Knight/The Triad Business Journal

A report released earlier this month by the Pew Charitable Trust extolled the virtues of a “new cash crop” in North Carolina. Here's a hint – it’s not hogs or chickens, tobacco or soybeans.

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7:21 am
Fri October 3, 2014

Study Aims To Prevent Football Head Injuries

The idea behind the research at Wake Forest Baptist is to use the findings of the study to assist those who design football equipment as well as researchers and doctors as they work to prevent, identify and treat head injuries.
Credit photo by: John (jedIII) via flickr

At every level of football, from youth teams to the NFL, concerns are mounting about how skull-rattling hits affect the health and safety of players. At Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, researchers are studying the impact of concussions and they are coming up with some answers.  

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8:26 am
Fri September 19, 2014

In Depth: Wake Forest Baptist Joins Vidant Health, WakeMed In Major Business Partnership

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center says the joint venture with Vidant Health of Greenville and WakeMed of Raleigh will help cut costs by sharing services and provide more buying power for supplies.
Credit Photo courtesy of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center announced Wednesday it will partner with Vidant Health of Greenville and WakeMed of Raleigh in a joint venture at a time in when size and scale in the health care industry are increasingly important.

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7:59 pm
Thu September 11, 2014

North Carolina's Hazardous Waste: Where Does it Go?

There are about ten facilities in North Carolina that are designated and authorized to handle hazardous waste and properly dispose of it, including Greensboro-based ECOFLO.
Credit photo by: Dave Kellam (via flickr)

Every day, businesses across the Triad and the state generate hazardous waste like toxic chemicals and solvents.

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7:40 am
Fri September 5, 2014

Piedmont Now A Good Place To Live For Young Professionals

Chris Padgett, center, is founder of Fusion3 Design, a 3-D printer manufacturer in Greensboro. Young entrepreneurs like Padgett often hang out in the Forge in Greensboro, a place where he can work collaboratively with other entrepreneurs to brainstorm new ideas and products.
Credit photo by: Justin Catanoso

Millennials, those ages 18 to 34, have been flooding the job market over the last decade.

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7:30 am
Fri August 22, 2014

From Grooming to Boarding: Pet Services Industry Sees Growth in Triad

Americans will spend more than $50 billion on their pets this year, which includes services such as luxury boarding and grooming.
Credit by: Egidio Maurizio via flickr

Here in the Triad, and across the country, we love our pets. And we’re willing to spend a lot of money on them – especially when we leave town on vacation. How much money?

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7:45 am
Fri August 15, 2014

NC Rural Counties Struggle With Education Challenges & Population Decline

Students who live in rural communities often lack access to programs found in urban areas. Even when these services are available, transportation issues prevent students from getting the services they need the most. According to Communities In Schools of North Carolina, as a result, fewer than 7-in-10 rural students graduate from high school in the Tar Heel state.
Credit by: Bindaas Madhavi via flickr

For all the challenges that cities such as Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point face in generating new jobs and training a skilled workforce, those same challenges in the Triad's rural communities are even harder. 

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5:07 pm
Thu August 7, 2014

Greensboro Business Leader Jim Melvin Isn't Retiring Anytime Soon

A bronze statue of Jim Melvin, former Greensboro mayor and head of the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, stands in NewBridge Bank Park. Melvin is now leading a regional effort to establish a 1,400 acre megasite in Randolph County.
Credit Owen Covington/The Triad Business Journal

Having spent more than 40 years as Greensboro’s top community leader, 80 year-old Jim Melvin is chasing the biggest project of his life with no plans to retire.

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5:31 am
Fri May 23, 2014

After 10 Years of Rapid Growth, Can High Point University Keep Growing?

High Point University plans to build two new facilities on the main campus. One will house the School of Health Sciences and School of Pharmacy. The other will be an undergraduate science facility. The projects are expected to bring in 700 students, create 125 new jobs and have a $500 million economic impact on the area.
Credit By: High Point University - highpoint.edu

By almost any measure, the story of High Point University in the past decade under the leadership of University President Nido Qubein, has been one of unparalleled growth and change.

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6:47 am
Fri May 2, 2014

From Barbecue Cart to Multi-Million Dollar Company, Texas Pete Sees International Growth

CHA!, the newest sauce to bear the Texas Pete name. The Winston-Salem based company's products can be found on store shelves across the United States and in 22 countries.
Credit Texas Pete

There are millions of bottles of Texas Pete hot sauce at diners, military bases and pantries around the world.

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Pope John Paul
2:08 am
Mon April 28, 2014

A Fiery Passion that Sparked Change Around the World

Pope John Paul II inspired millions to face difficult challenges through his passion for social justice.
Credit winnipeg free press

Catholics around the world celebrate new saints.

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6:00 am
Fri April 25, 2014

Faster Internet Speed: When Will It Reach The Triad?

Google chose Kansas City from among 1,100 or so hopeful communities around the country to install its first community-wide fiber optic network cable of delivering gigabit broadband speeds. Some companies, including North State and AT&T, are investing in initiatives to bring ultrafast Internet speeds to the Triad.
Credit Keri Brown

Just a few years after Triad cities fell over themselves trying and failing to lure Google’s gigabit fiber initiative, superfast broadband appears to finally be finding its own way to the area. But when will it arrive, and what will it mean for you and local businesses?

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1:08 am
Fri March 28, 2014

Triad Business Owner Turns Junk Into Millions

In 2005, D.H. Griffin companies imploded Burlington Industries corporate headquarters in Greensboro.
Credit D.H. Griffin Companies & Triad Business Journal

In this week's business report with Justin Catanoso, The Triad Business Journal's Catherine Carlock talks about her story on the huge success of Greensboro business owner D.H. Griffin.

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Veterans as employees
9:38 pm
Tue February 18, 2014

Closing the Skills Gap

Every Friday on 88.5 WFDD Justin Catanoso, the director of the journalism program at Wake Forest University, sits down with a reporter from the Triad Business Journal to discuss business-related topics in the Piedmont. This week, he spoke with Katie Arcieri about companies who are struggling to find skilled labor.  She tells Justin this is the reason why several of these companies are giving returning veterans a second look.

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