Kathryn Mobley


"Give her ten minutes and she'll know about your first fight in elementary school, the night you did some fast talking to keep you and your friend out of jail, and the secret love who got away.  She's never met a stranger."

That's how many people describe WFDD's Senior Producer, Kathryn Mobley.  She produces WFDD's award-winning Real People, Real Stories that features personal essays from some of Piedmont's most interesting residents.  Ms. Mobley has also earned local, regional and national awards for several feature stories and news series.


Welcome GSO
11:45 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

Making Greensboro Feel Like Home For Everyone

Guilford County is home to 35,454 people who are foreign born.
Credit firstclassmovingcompany.com

Some residents in one part of the Triad want their community to be a new beginning for immigrants.

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Buck Steam Station
7:24 am
Thu June 19, 2014

Environmental Group Claims Carcinogenic Contaminents in Private Well Water Near Retired Duke Plant

This is one of four coal ash ponds at Duke Energy's Buck Steam Station in Rowan County. Environmental groups accuse Duke of knowing for years that waste from these ponds was and continues to contaminate the well water of about 150 nearby residents.
Credit Duke Energy

Coal ash waste from a retired Duke Energy plant is being connected to contaminated well water in Rowan County.

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Mass Violence
5:08 am
Wed June 18, 2014

Regional Efforts to Improve Preparations for Shooting Incidents

Agencies from NC, SC, VA and TN will brainstorm strategies to help avert mass violence events.
Credit Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management

Emergency responders from across North Carolina and neighboring states are in the Triad for a special workshop.

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Cancer and nutrition
6:11 pm
Mon June 16, 2014

Foods That Support Cancer Patients

A variety of vegetables and fruits support the bodies of cancer patients as they undergo difficult treatments.
Credit Hayworth Cancer Center

A Triad group is helping people fight cancer one bite at a time.

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5:33 pm
Thu June 12, 2014

NC Reports First Confirmed Case of Chikungunya Virus

The Asian Tiger mosquito spreads the chikungunya virus. It becomes infected by biting a person already sick with the virus. Then it transmits it to a healthy person while biting them. These mosquitoes have been in North Carolina for many years.
Credit cirs.ucr.edu

Forsyth County health officials are warning residents about a flu-like virus associated with mosquitoes.

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