8:28 am
Thu May 8, 2014

Celtic Pottery Studios Creates Functional and Decorative Pottery with Crystalline Glazes

Since 2002 Celtic Pottery Studios has created both functional and decorative pottery and sculptures with elegant crystalline glazes. Janet Gaddy and Timothy Moran began the studio back in 2002 in Danbury, Virginia and now call Brown Summit, North Carolina home. Their partner Jeremy Lea lives in Portland, Maine, and the trio works on pottery full time. Striking crystals that resemble snowflakes or flowers in various stages of bloom are grown inside the zinc-based glazes during the firing process, and a single plate, vase, or platter can take up to 30 hours to create. Tim spoke with David Ford about his connection to the art.

Timothy Moran and his wife Janey Gaddy offer studio tours at their location in Brown Summit, NC.


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