10:08 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Centenary United Methodist Church Hosts the Tony Abbott Lecture Series

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Listen to David Ford's complete interview with Tony Abbott.

If you’re a lover of poetry or simply curious to learn more on the subject and you happen to be free any Tuesday evening in the month of March, Centenary United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem has just the thing for you.

It’s the Tony Abbott Lecture Series beginning this Tuesday night, March 5 and continuing every Tuesday this month at 7:00 in the Centenary auditorium.  Award winning author, poet and Davidson College English Professor Emeritus Dr. Abbott presents "The Eye of the Sparrow and the Eye of God: The Spiritual Vision of Emily Dickinson and Mary Oliver". He looks at the lives of these two extraordinary poets and examines poems with particularly spiritual subjects. Dr. Abbott will supply handouts for the program, and he’ll read and recite poems before discussing them. Poet lovers and those with no previous knowledge of Dickenson or Oliver are welcome to attend his readings, recitations and discussions every Tuesday night at 7:00pm in March. 


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