10:24 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery Presents Series of Video Exhibitions

David Ford chats with film and video artist Simon Lee about his films Berlin and Where is the Black Beast? as well as his involvement with the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery.
David Ford's complete interview with Marek Ranis.

Wake Forest University’s Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery is gearing up for 3/3/3/13: a fascinating series of video presentations by three different artists.

Marek Ranis will present Kivanrepu, a formally simple but relentlessly disquieting work alluding to climate change. Film and video artists Eve Sussman and Simon Lee will present Berlin which involves recording the facades of buildings while revealing hints of the activities of their occupants. Simon Lee will also show Where is the Black Beast?, an emotionally charged  four-channel video installation, based on the recited poetry of Ted Hughes and utilizing found images with sound by bass guitarist and composer Algis Kizys. The video installations will be exhibited at Wake Forest University’s Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery opening Thursday, February 28 at 5pm. 

Today we hear from Simon who spoke with David Ford by phone from his home in Brooklyn, New York. He began by reading the first poem from the more than 90 Hughes poems that make up Where is the Black Beast.    


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