3:24 pm
Sun February 17, 2013

Daddy's Little Girl

StoryLine gives voice to everyday people throughout our community as they share the experiences that shape their lives. It is a project of the ECHO Network and is dedicated to building trusting relationships in our community.  

A unique thing can happen between a father and a daughter. They become true friends. And for this to happen while the daughter is still a child can also be a fun experience for others. Cheryl Schirillo’s boyfriend, Tim, is also father to 11-year-old Taylor. Schirillo says years ago, a fortune-teller predicted she would have a daughter. She believes Taylor is that child.  In this segment of StoryLine, Taylor describes to Schirillo the special relationship she has with her father. 

Tim and Taylor Johnson
Credit Tim Johnson
Cheryl Schirillo & Taylor Johnson hang out in Mexico
Credit Cheryl Schirillo
Taylor Johnson describes her best friend.