Radio 101
6:47 pm
Mon March 4, 2013

Finding Her Voice

Natasha McMasters
Natasha McMasters
Credit Lopa Shah / WFDD

Natasha McMasters discovers how journalism skills can help her overcome one family trait.

Natasha is like most high schoolers, exploring new things and cultivating new interests.  One of them has been WFDD's Radio 101 program.  She says she likes learning journalism skills and believes they are helping her accomplish a goal she's had for years, to find her own voice.  According to many pediatricians, a growing number of teenagers are showing signs of having social phobia–extreme shyness.  Results of a 2011 study by researchers at the National Institute of Health, showed both males and females struggle with this condition.   

In her Radio 101 essay, Greensboro resident and James Dudley High School student Natasha McMasters describes how she is gaining the courage to let herself be heard.  This story was produced by Natasha with assistance from WFDD senior producer Kathryn Mobley and Radio 101 Instructor Lopa Shah.  WFDD's Education Initiative coordinator is Greg Keener.