11:35 am
Wed March 20, 2013

Governor Pat McCrory Creates New Resource Tool for Schools

Governor Pat McCrory's budget provides $625,000 over two years for the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools.
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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is releasing his first 2-year budget today. One item guaranteed to get funding is The North Carolina Center for Safer Schools. He wants to provide $625,000 over the next two years to provide training and technical support to educators, law enforcement agencies, and parents.

Pamela Walker, spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, describes it as a "clearing house" of information that will empower school administrators as they develop safety procedures. "It is a resource, it will provide training, it will provide advice. We want to point them to the right direction as far as what across the country are proven practices that work, and give them that information so they can make those decisions for their school system individually.”  This initiative comes about three months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacrewhen a lone gunman killed 20 children and 8 staff members in Newtown, Connecticut. 

In April, eight public forums will be held across the state. People are invited to share their ideas about safety procedures they believe will benefit schools in their areas. One will be held in the Triad in mid April. According to Walker, the schedule for the public forums is still being worked out. Also, she says this center will have a regional presence.  “We will have staff located regionally across the state who will work closely with the school systems in their area. Hear what their needs are and give them touches to experts and other information.”  The North Carolina Center for Safer Schools will operate under the Division of Juvenile Justice.