1:37 am
Fri March 21, 2014

Growing Concerns Over 'Patent Trolls' & Infringement Battles

The patent process can be confusing and competitive for many companies and entrepreneurs.

The Triad Business Journal reports that Eric Tomlinson, the president of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem, worries about how the possible crackdown on 'patent trolls' could impact research centers in the Triad.
Credit Keri Brown

Each week, WFDD contributor Justin Catanoso interviews a reporter from our media partner, the Triad Business Journal.

In this report, the Business Journal’s Matt Evans talks with Justin about his story on 'patent trolls' and the issues surrounding patent infringement claims. He also explains why these issues are getting the attention of  federal lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

The Triad Business Journal's Matt Evans explains why companies, and research institutions like Wake Forest Innovation Quarter are keeping a close eye on 'patent trolling' and the issues surrounding patent infringement claims.

Matt Evans covers technology, entrepreneurship, higher education and financial services for the Business Journal. Justin Catanoso is director of the journalism program at Wake Forest University and a regular contributor to WFDD.

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