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10:19 am
Wed July 30, 2014

Helping Guilford College Grow in Environmental Sustainability: Dave Petree

Radio Camper Josie Patch speaks with Dave Petree, Guilford College's Director of Environmental Sustainability
Radio Camper Josie Patch speaks with Dave Petree, Guilford College's Director of Environmental Sustainability
Credit Mary Heisey

Dave Petree is the Director of Environmental Sustainability at Guilford College. He has worked at the college for 20 years. Dave started out as a campus caretaker for the grounds but was promoted to Director of Environmental Sustainability. As Director, he has new ideas for Guilford College. Dave sat down with WFDD Radio Camper Josie Patch to talk about his career.

Dave Petree walked towards me casually with a smile and a hand to shake. We introduced ourselves and found a spot in the middle of the Guilford College quad to sit down. While I was testing my equipment, Dave told me something important: "I hope your arms don't get too tired, because I'm quite a talker." I laughed and began the interview by asking him how he got involved with environmental conservation. 

 I have spent the majority of my lifetime - if not, well, really my entire lifetime - outdoors. I have always been an outdoors enthusiast. I grew up on a small farm here in North Carolina where I learned respect for the land and water and wildlife. I have always enjoyed spending time outdoors either in our wilderness areas or the forests.  

Dave liked to talk a lot about his views on environmental responsibility, especially when it came to the younger people in society. He stressed his point when I asked him how younger people are affected by the environmental changes made by adults today. 

It's very important that the young people in our societies understand the importance of the conservation of natural resources because they will be the ones that will be inheriting the problems and the situations that the older folks in the society have created or failed to address. So the solution to some of the problems that we've created really are in the hands of the young people.  

Dave has many plans for the future of the college. Among his most ambitious are getting rid of playing turf on the sports fields and eliminating dumpsters. For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Josie Patch.

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