8:18 am
Thu November 21, 2013

A&T Jazz Ensemble All Stars Perform Tonight

Triad Arts as Broadcast at 8:35am and 5:44pm
For some people jazz music is something to listen to occasionally, collect, and share with friends. For others it’s a way of life, a constant search for that perfect melody. Trumpeter Mondre Moffett continues his search which began as a young boy. Mondre’s father was the legendary avant guard or free jazz drummer Charles Moffet. Mondre grew up performing trumpet and composing for the Moffett Family Jazz Band, touring the U.S. and South East Asia, and later internationally with the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Today, Mondre brings his wealth of knowledge to bear at North Carolina A&T State University where he teaches composition, arranging, Jazz History, Gospel History, and Black Music in America. He also directs the A&T Jazz Ensemble All Stars. They’ll perform a concert tonight at 7:00 PM in Harrison Auditorium on the A&T campus in Greensboro. Mondre and his band visited recently and David Ford began by asking about his father’s influence.

David also spoke to North Carolina A&T Jazz Ensemble All Stars bassist Byron Carter. Before Byron we heard from alto saxophonist Johnny Jackson, and director, and acclaimed trumpeter Mr. Mondre Moffett. 


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