9:27 am
Wed December 4, 2013

Jazz Guitarist Russell Thomas and His New CD Morning Train

Jazz musician Russell Thomas fell in love with the electric guitar as a boy growing up in the Kimberly projects in Winston-Salem, and listening to local bands like Ghetto Soul. When he was 13, he passed an electric in a pawn shop window and was drawn to it enough to ask his mom to buy it. She and Russell’s uncle pooled together the funds to purchase the instrument, and three years later Russell was performing with local Rhythm & Blues bands of his own. A move to Detroit introduced him to jazz music, a small combo, nightclub gigs on electric guitar, and eventually a life altering encounter with a then 20-something acoustic guitarist superstar by the name of Earl Klugh. Russell switched to acoustic the next day and has never looked back. His new CD is titled Morning Train. David Ford spoke with him in his home in Winston-Salem.

Today we’ve been sampling from his new CD Morning Train. The 2013 release is out on the Tate Music Group label. On Saturday, December 7th from 6-8, you can hear Russell live in performance at the Muddy Creek Cafe, 5455 Bethania Road in Winston-Salem. 


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