11:28 pm
Sat March 16, 2013

Leaving Their Birthplace to Go Home

Dr. Bansi Shah (left), Lopa Shah (daughter, center), Dr. Sumati Shah (right)
Credit StoryLine / StoryLine

Launching a new medical practice is difficult. But imagine being from another country, not having much money and trying to open an office.

In 1972, Dr. Bansi Shah, a general and vascular surgeon and his wife, Dr. Sumati Shah, a internist and phlebologist, moved to the twin city from New York City. They’re originally from India, and were among the first international physicians to practice at Forsyth Hospital, now called Forsyth Medical Center. In 1985, they opened their business, The Vein Clinic of North Carolina in Winston-Salem. And for the next 23 years, the Shah’s built a strong client base. They sold their business in 2008.

In this segment of StoryLine, they describe to their daughter and StoryLine Facilitator, Lopa, some of the challenges they faced during the early days of building a thriving practice.

One couple describes to their daughter the challenges of launching a medical practice in a foreign country.

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