4:35 pm
Mon December 30, 2013

More Help for Davidson County's Small Businesses

A long-running partnership in Thomasville is being revised to help small businesses. 

Small business owners in Thomasville will get specific help every month on Thursdays. It's the community's free Third Thursday program that will guide entrepreneurs as they build their business.
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The Thomasville Area Chamber of Commerce and Davidson County Community College's Small Business Center are launching Third Thursday. This is a free monthly service offered at the chamber's office. Thomasville Chamber President Doug Croft says it’ll help existing or potential business owners create a strong foundation for success. “Start-up businesses and entrepreneurs are sometimes a little less prepared. It’s really the status of their business plan and often they don’t even know they should write a business plan," explains Croft. "Marketing is also a big issue and you find that small businesses that are starting up often look at marketing and advertising as being too expensive. That’s a critical piece you’re missing because you have to tell the world that you’re there. If you don’t make that investment, you’re not going to succeed.”

Business counselors will also go over other topics, including competitive research, financial assessment and strategic planning. Every Thursday from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., business owners in the Thomasville area can get free help at the chamber. If that’s not convenient, they can make an appointment for a different time. “The reality is entrepreneurs are still the backbone of America and our coaching and our advice may help them make the proper strategic decisions to be successful,” says Croft. Over the past three years in the Thomasville area, Croft says his office has tracked between 125 to 150 new businesses ranging from small retail, wholesale and manufacturing. The Third Thursday program kicks off January 16 with a tax seminar at the Thomasville Chamber of Commerce on 941 Randolph St.

Doug Croft describes new business program, Third Thursday.