6:25 pm
Mon June 10, 2013

NC House Unveils Budget Proposal

NC Statehouse
Credit Jim Bowen from Fort Worth, US

State House leaders say the $20.6 billion spending plan unveiled late Sunday night fulfills the state's obligations while living within its means.  Senior budget chairman, Rep. Nelson Dollar of Wake County, said, "The House's budget proposal is realistic, it is reasonable, and it is responsible. And it places North Carolina's fiscal house on a sound foundation for the future."

 Dollar, flanked by fellow budget writers, told reporters Monday that the proposal increases state spending by only about 1.9 percent over 2012.  He said that's $12 million less than the Senate's proposal and $188 million less than Gov. Pat McCrory recommended.  He says the House's spending bill takes into account tax reform provisions that will be voted on Monday night. "It's more or less revenue-neutral or close to revenue-neutral in the first year," he said. "And in the second year we've been able to synch that up with our available resources. And I'm very pleased to see that we're going to have historic tax reform this year in the General Assembly." House Speaker Thom Tillis has said he's optimistic that the budget process can be completed by the end of June.  You can view the summary of the House proposal here, and the Senate's plan with House substitutions here.