NC Voting Law
9:17 am
Wed July 9, 2014

NC's Attorneys Grill Witness to Support State's Belief of Possible Voter Fraud

It’s a battle of numbers as Civil Rights groups and the state of North Carolina debate the possibility of voter fraud.

Many people believe North Carolina's new voting law is throwing the state back into the days of segregation.
Credit Kathryn Mobley / 88.5 WFDD

The plaintiffs are trying to stop North Carolina's voting law from being used during the November General Election. They argue it discriminates against minorities and creates road blocks to the polls for the elderly, teenagers and low-income residents. But the state contends changes in the law create a fair system for all residents and will prevent fraud.

Michael Hewlett is the Legal Affairs Reporter for the Winston-Salem Journal.
Credit Winston-Salem Journal

In a partnership between WFDD and the Winston-Salem Journal, Legal Affairs Reporter Michael Hewlett is covering the proceedings with updates during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Earlier he spoke with WFDD’s Kathryn Mobley.

Legal Affairs Reporter Michael Hewlett from the Winston-Salem Journal talks to WFDD's Kathryn Mobley about day two of the lawsuit against North Carolina's new voting law.