8:44 am
Mon June 3, 2013

Our State Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Our State Magazine celebrates its 80th anniversary this month with  a 260 page blockbuster June issue that'll knock your socks off.  

You'll find an artful photo essay featuring covers from the Our  State archives, gorgeous photos and creative articles on NC camps,  how to build the perfect s'more, and a beautiful tribute to Mr. North  Carolina himself: Our State founder Carl Goerch. The New Yorker  transplant fell in love with North Carolina and criss crossed all 100  counties in his 1932 command-aire plane, engaging people in  conversations, learning from them, and sharing their stories with  the hopes of helping us all see Our State in new ways. Elizabeth  Hudson is Our State Magazine's current Editor in Chief. She spoke  with David Ford about this mammoth edition and how Our State plans on  celebrating its 80th year. 


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