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Fri June 6, 2014

'Pay to Play' : Piedmont Triad Partnership Moves Forward, Despite Funding Cuts

The Piedmont Triad Partnership based in Greensboro was founded as one of the seven regional economic development offices across the state, tasked with creating a sense of regional identity and marketing its 12-county footprint. But this July, with the removal of all state marketing funding, regional economic development will make a significant shift as the Piedmont Triad Partnership begins operating as a private organization — one that no longer operates as a traditional economic development group, but rather a privately funded entity that’s focused on specific regional goals of its own choosing.

The Piedmont Triad Partnership is shifting from a public entity to a private entity. One of the projects the organization is working on is to help develop an aviation hub around the Piedmont Triad International Airport.
Credit Dave Thrower

With public funding eliminated, the Piedmont Triad Partnership is no longer bound by regionalism as historically defined by the state, nor the red tape that comes with it.  Now accountable only to the elite few who pay to play on its executive team, PTP moves forward with a narrower agenda and a smaller footprint.

In this week’s Business report, WFDD’s Keri Brown interviews Triad Business Journal reporter Catherine Carlock about her cover story on the Piedmont Triad Partnership’s challenges and its plans for future economic development projects in the region.  

The Triad Business Journal's Catherine Carlock explains how state-allocated funding cuts are impacting the Piedmont Triad Partnership, and how the organization's elite board is planning to move forward, despite the cuts.

Catherine Carlock is a reporter with the Triad Business Journal. To read her story about the Piedmont Triad Partnership and for more breaking business news go to --

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