1:25 pm
Wed July 24, 2013

Piedmont Friends Remember Faye Hunter

The Piedmont Indie music community is healing from what many call a great loss.  

Faye Hunter performs at Winston-Salem Centennial in May 2013. The bassist helped to form the band, Let's Active.
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Faye Hunter, was a renowned bassist. In the early 1980's, she, along with then-boyfriend Mitch Easter and drummer Sara Romweber, formed the band Let's Active. In May, she gave a rare public performance at the Winston-Salem Centennial, a musical celebration that reunited many of the key acts from Winston’s ’80s underground-pop glory days. Her friends in the Piedmont say during recent years, Hunter struggled to work steady gigs, fought depression and took care of her elderly parents. Many believe the stress finally overwhelmed her. Saturday night, emergency responders found her dead at her Advance home from an apparent suicide. She was 59 years old.  WFDD's Kathryn Mobley spoke with Easter about performing with and learning from Faye Hunter. 

Mitch Easter and Ed Bumgarner share warm memories about their friend, Faye Hunter.