Triad Arts
8:41 am
Fri March 8, 2013

Sawtooth School for Visual Art presents "Abstractions"

David Ford talks with Sawtooth artist Zac Trainor about the thought behind his abstract art. (All of the music in this segment was composed and created by Zac Trainor).
COMPLETE INTERVIEW with artist Zac Trainor.

  The Sawtooth School has been the premier community visual art school in the Piedmont Triad for nearly 70 years, and they provide education in just about every artistic discipline imaginable for all ages from beginners to those with advanced skills. 

Their ongoing exhibition titled Abstractions featuring six phenomenal local and regional artists runs through Friday, March 15 in the Davis Gallery at Sawtooth, 251 N. Spring Street in Winston-Salem. The participating artists are Norton Barnhill, Marta Blades, Andrew Fansler, Alex Norwood, Mary Ann Prack and Zac Trainor. A broad and diverse representation of abstract art will be on display including oil on canvass, line drawings, sculptures, and more. Add video, audio, and digital mixed media to that mix and you enter the abstract world of artist and Sawtooth instructor Zac Trainor. He spoke with David Ford.


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