4:10 pm
Mon November 11, 2013

The Town of Kernersville is Experiencing a Big Economic Development Boom

The town of Kernersville is growing, thanks to several major economic development projects over the past ten years.

Dawn Morgan, the mayor of Kernersville, says the population is expected to grow in her hometown, as economic development projects continue. She says one of the major projects that will create a lot of traffic in her community is a new Veterans Affairs Health Care Center.
Credit Town of Kernersville

Dawn Morgan, the mayor of Kernersville, N.C. plans to build on that momentum. Morgan was re-elected last week to serve a third term as Kernersville’s mayor. She also has served on the town's Planning Board and the Board of Aldermen.

Morgan recently sat down with WFDD’s Keri Brown to talk about the town’s success and how city leaders are managing that growth.

Kernersville mayor Dawn Morgan describes the economic growth taking place in her town.

Mayor Morgan also credits Kernersville’s economic growth to strong community involvement and pre-planning by city officials. She says future plans also include adding the town's first Greenway and building a visitor kiosk in the downtown.