11:34 am
Thu January 10, 2013

Triad Stage Exceeds Fundrasing Goal by $20,000

 Triad Stage has collected $270,320 during its December fundraiser.  Their goal was $250,000. Monday, The downtown Greensboro company announced its success. Co-founder and Artistic Director Preston Lane says donations came from people across North Carolina and living in 25 other states. “We opened in the middle of a recession and we’ve survived another recession. And I think we have really learned how to make ourselves leaner and meaner and how to make art that works in this community. So I’m excited we’re starting with a clean slate and that we have the level of support from the community to continue.”  According to Lane, the money will get the company out of debt after a slow 2008 season and the unexpected expense of buying a production scene shop.Last month, two of Triad Stage’s corporate supporters, The Joseph M. Bryan Foundation and The Cemala Foundation, committed to give the Greensboro theatre company $250,000 only if it could first raise that much from the community.  Betty Cone is Honorary Board Chairman of the Carolina Theatre. She describes the plays mounted by Triad Stage as more than just entertainment. “It helps people get beyond their daily problems when they can go to an arts event and experience something outside their normal walk of life and either come away inspired, challenged or excited or made sad, who knows. But it’s an experience you share with others and it beats sitting on the couch in front of the tube.” Triad Stage develops and produces original plays year-round using local and national actors, technicians and designers. It has an operating budget of 1.9 million dollars.