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2:45 pm
Tue July 29, 2014

Tucker Tharpe of the Garage: Self-Proclaimed Winston-Salem Enthusiast

Radio Camper Siona Kshirsager talks with owner of the Garage, Tucker Tharpe
Radio Camper Siona Kshirsager talks with owner of the Garage, Tucker Tharpe
Credit Mary Heisey

Tucker Tharpe is the owner of the Garage, one of Winston-Salem’s oldest music venues. Before owning the Garage, he worked at Spevco Inc., a company that specializes in mobile marketing. He has also worked at the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership, where he created a number of free events in the downtown area. WFDD Radio Camper Siona Kshirsager recently had the chance to interview him.

The first time I saw Tucker, I was struck by his casual appearance. His relaxed demeanor was apparent as he walked up the steps of the WFDD radio station, dressed in a t-shirt and khakis with a big cup of coffee in his hand. I asked about the vibe in the Garage and Tucker shared his favorite part about his business.


As a music venue, I think sometimes people get caught up in the speakers and how the bar looks and how nice things are and putting TVs up to make sure that, you know, you can also watch your favorite football game or the World Cup, for instance. I just don’t believe that to be the case. I think that people are in a music venue. It’s a performance and you shouldn’t – I think it’s almost insulting to have a TV on while a musician is performing.  

Before owning the Garage, he did a lot of work at revitalizing downtown Winston-Salem. When I asked him why Winston-Salem instead of any other city, his passions became quite clear. 

I love this town, and that’s why I wanted to… I don’t know, I really like it. There’s something that I can’t explain. People ask me all the time why I love it so much and I really don’t know. I’m just a self-proclaimed enthusiast, I suppose. I think it’s important because the downtown buildings and the history there are so much cooler than a mall.  

For more information on Tucker and the Garage, visit For 88.5 WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Siona Kshirsager. 

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