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Genetically Modified Food
2:38 pm
Wed January 16, 2013

Are You Sure You're Eating A Corn Chip?

If my initial gut reaction to hearing about genetically modified food is correct then I think I have reason to worry. I’ve heard that 85 percent of all corn grown in the United States has been genetically altered. I find that terribly stressful because as my friends won’t hesitate to point out, I eat far more than my fair share of the chips and salsa appetizer. If all those chips I’ve eaten were from genetically modified corn... I may have genetically altered myself by now.

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2:43 pm
Sat December 15, 2012

When You Believe, There is Hope

Ed Robson, writer and poet
Credit Ed Robson

A busy calendar of Christmas parties, plays and sugary treats can be overwhelming.  WFDD’s Real People, Real Stories guest commentator Ed Robson attempts to cut through the chaos by emphasizing the timeless importance of this season. Robson first presented this poem in 2007 at Parkway United Church of Christ. He's a member of the Winston-Salem Writers group and has published poetry, drama, nonfiction and essays. Robson is also a clinical psychologist and a Unitarian Universalist.

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Faces of Courage
3:27 pm
Tue December 11, 2012

Be a Superhero: A Wake Forest University Student Learns A New Side Of Courage

Deanna Margius works with a blind camper at See Camp. The Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind operates the camp.
Credit Wake Forest University

50 years ago, Wake Forest University integrated its student body. Now it's commemorating this historic decision with the year-long project Faces of Courage. It honors those who have and continue to enrich Wake Forest's diverse and inclusive community.

In this segment of WFDD's Real People, Real Stories, guest commentator Deanna Margius describes the benefit of going down the path less traveled. She is studying biology and Spanish at Wake Forest to become an interpreter and a healthcare provider.

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12:00 am
Mon September 17, 2012

Breaking Family Tradition

David Matthews
Credit Wake Forest University / Wake Forest University

David Matthews says he's proud to be the product of a small Piedmont town in North Carolina. He grew up in the 1940's, surrounded by uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents from both sides of his family. And as he ventured to college, he was confident in the young man his environment had molded. 

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12:00 am
Mon August 13, 2012

Humbling Yourself For Success

WFDD's Real People Real Stories guest commentator Mike Wells says one of the key skills to professional and personally success is something most people don't do well.

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