1:47 pm
Thu March 14, 2013

Triad Catholics Want A Pope Who Will Lead Them into the 21st Century

Holy Family Catholic Church in Clemmons. It was built in 1984 and is in the Charlotte Diocese.
Kathryn Mobley WFDD

The congregation of Holy Family Catholic Church in Clemmons is actively praying for the new pope to be sensitive to the needs of followers. Many also want him to have a progressive view regarding various social issues.

Wednesday afternoon, white smoke curled from a chimney on the Sistine Chapel signaling the selection of a new pope.  He’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aries, Argentina. Now he's chosen the name Francis.   A few hours earlier in the United States--catholics were praying the College of Cardinals would be led by the Holy Spirit as they selected a new leader. 

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