11:35 am
Tue August 6, 2013

Rowan County Commissioners Adhere to Federal Ban Regarding Prayer

Rowan County Commissioners disagree with federal ban on prayer before their meetings.
Credit Wikimedia

Rowan County Commissioners have found a way to continue their tradition of praying before their meeting without disobeying a federal order.

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6:24 pm
Mon March 18, 2013

Debate Surrounding Stokes County School Board Prayer

One group wants to limit how Stokes County School Board members open their meetings.
Credit stevendepolo / flickr

Many are watching to see if the Stokes County School Board will eliminate Christian prayer from its meetings and events. Americans United for Separation of Church and State accuses the public school system of violating the constitutional rights of students by including prayers at school board meetings and graduation ceremonies. Last month, the group sent a letter to the school board on behalf of a Stokes County parent complaining about this practice.

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