body on a chip

SciWorks Radio
2:52 pm
Fri January 17, 2014

Body On A Chip

Hyun-Wook Kang, Ph.D., instructor, oversees the 3-D printer that will be used to print miniature organs for the Body on a Chip system.
Credit Wake Forest Baptist Helath

SciWorks Radio - Body On A Chip

Today we’ll  talk about printing body parts.  I’m not talking about antics in the copy room. I mean bio-printing three dimensional human organs for medical research.

There are several types of 3D printers, but  the generic model for this particular type involves a nozzle that squirts out a building material like an ink. Mounted in a frame, it moves side to side as well as up and down. This allows for travel to any point within the printer’s range; “printing” material layer by layer. The result is an accurate translation of a digital computer file into a solid three dimensional object.

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