Triad Arts Weekend

12:56 pm
Fri February 28, 2014

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Carolina Film and Video Festival, Watercolor, Pastel and Much More

The characters from Death and the Robot.
Eddie Garcia

Triad Arts Weekend: February 28, 2014

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra is filled with superstar musicians.They rehearse and perform without conductor, and for the past 40 years the ensemble has been leaving audiences spellbound by the depth of their musical expression. Today we’ll find out how they do it and explore the art of deep listening with Orpheus cellist and co-artistic director Jonathan Spitz and world-renowned violin soloist Ryu Goto. Then Carolina Film and Video Festival Director Keith Barber is here. Carolina Film and Video Festival is the state's longest running film festival don’t ya know, and Keith chats it up with Eddie Garcia, joined by stop motion animated film director Austin Taylor. The film fun continues Behind the Scenes with film scholar Mary Dalton. She’s got an aisle seat just for you and her Oscar picks to share. We wrap up today’s show with and interesting arts combo. Renowned composer Kenneth Frazelle and acclaimed pianist Barbara Lister-Sink are also amazing visual artists. They share the joys, perils and parallels of painting and music-making.

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2:17 pm
Fri February 21, 2014

Forecast Music, Helen Simoneau Danse, Authoring Action, and Johnny Cash on Triad Arts Weekend

Helen Simoneau Danse

Triad Arts Weekend: February 21, 2014

Wow, talk about your artistic journeys. Today on the show we’ll go from live cutting edge contemporary music in a small Cafe, to the music of Johnny Cash. Before we walk the line though, Dancer Helen Simoneau is asking her dancers to put it all on the line for “Paper Wings”. It’s local modern dance that the great Baryshnikov calls “cool moves”. Composer Eric Schwartz brings the hip, new music scene of Brooklyn to the Triad with Forecast Music’s Brooklyn Sounds: Copland Meets the Moderns. And they say actions speak louder than words. Authoring Action has its cake and eats it too engaging audiences, empowering youth, and bringing about change all through the power of the written and spoken word. Paisley IB Magney School tenth grader Nonnie Christine Egbuna fights the power with Bethany Chafin. And musician/songwriter Richard Boyd of the Bo-Stevens celebrates the birthday of the legendary "Man In Black" with ten outstanding local bands during the 11th annual Cash Bash. He chats with Eddie Garcia. Get ready to “Walk the Line”.

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10:22 am
Sat February 15, 2014

For the Love of Art, A Valentine's Triad Arts Weekend

Triad Arts Weekend: February 14, 2014

At an age when David Ford's big obsession was where to find the next wiffle ball game, Petr Ginz was inventing secret codes, making watercolors, and writing novels—five of them by the age of 14! Petr was murdered by the Nazis two years later, but his amazing life and the many lives he touched in and out of the concentration camps are remembered and celebrated in the Wake Forest University production of Embers and Stars: The Story of Petr Ginz. It’s Valentine’s Day, and film scholar Mary Dalton takes us Behind the Scenes to answer that nagging question: what exactly makes a movie Romantic. Winston-Salem Forsyth County Arts Council President and CEO Jim Sparrow’s got an artistic vision that’ll rock—jazz, classical and folk—your world. And then we’re off to the dance at High Point University. Cara Hagan is here with a choreographer’s keen eye for storytelling. We wrap things up with Touring Theatre of NC actor Camilla Millican and a Valentine’s Day Card that’ll take you Over the Edge.

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triad arts
12:52 pm
Thu February 13, 2014

WFU Theatre Presents Embers and Stars: The Story of Petr Ginz

Embers and Stars comes to the Ring Theatre this weekend.
Credit WFU Department of Theatre


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Petr Ginz was a boy genius. He grew up in Prague in the 1930s. Before his 15th birthday he had already written and illustrated five novels, taught himself new languages, and established a periodical magazine.    

Still as a child Petr immersed himself in sociology, literature, painting, geography and various technical fields as well. Sadly, many of these pursuits took place in the Terezin concentration camp. Petr was eventually assigned to one of the last trains to Auschwitz where he died in the gas chambers in 1944.

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2:05 pm
Fri February 7, 2014

Breath, Boom By NC A&T, Wayne Henderson, Stained Glass Playhouse and North Star, and Reynolda House

Brittany Timmons
Amanda Thompson

Triad Arts Weekend: February 7, 2014

Today on the show we’ll go from girl gangs to Georgia O’Keefe, and legendary luthiers to Martin Luther King. First up NC A&T State University takes its audience on an up close, and in-your-face tour of the mean streets of America with its production of Breath, Boom by Kia Corthron. Then, he’s worked on guitars used by Neil, Eric, and Elvis (yes, THOSE Neil, Eric and Elvises): legendary Carolina luthier and picker Wayne Henderson is here to reveal the secrets of his success. Reynolda House reveals the magic behind American Moderns like Grandma Moses, and Norman Rockwell. And Stained Glass Playhouse celebrates National Black History Month with a powerful and personal look at the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of award-winning playwright Gloria Bond Clunie. We’ll each follow our own inner “North Star”.

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