12:06 pm
Mon September 16, 2013

GSO Teen Discovers Link with Teen Sleuths

Around the globe, almost 4,000 species of animals are critically endangered. Natasha McMasters learns about two of them during her WFDD Radio 101 interview.

Natasha McMasters is a veteran member of WFDD's Radio 101 program at James Dudley High School. Her second report involves an award-winning author of youth novels.
Credit Kathryn Mobley / WFDD

WFDD's Radio 101 is an education program that inspires high school youth to creatively engage with their community using the power of media guided by journalistic integrity and critical thinking. Radio 101 is produced by 88.5 WFDD in partnership with James Dudley High School in Greensboro. Funding is from the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.

Natasha McMasters has participated in the program for two semesters at Dudley High. The 17-year-old is passionate about books, protecting endangered animals and the environment.

In this special segment of WFDD's Real People, Real Stories, McMasters interviews award-winning author, Bonnie Doerr. She introduces McMasters to a group of teen sleuths who also have a passion for endangered animals. They go after criminals threatening some endangered animals and the Florida Keys.

Natasha McMasters interviews award-winning author, Bonnie Doerr.